Leeds City Councils previous ‘ConDem’ administration tried to close City of Leeds school. Now, the ConDems nationally have once again made City of Leeds their target. It is one of the schools effected by the announcement by Michael Gove, the Education Secretary, that the Building Schools for the Future Program will be axed.

Basically, Gove’s maniacal axe-wielding stems from the mistaken view that school buildings and their quality somehow matter less than other factors when it comes to providing a ‘good quality education’. Although the government has tried to keep a lid on this view; Philip Hammond, the Transport Secretary, couldn’t contain himself on the BBC’s Daily Politics show. Struggling to learn or work in inadequate surroundings is obviously a problem that has ever bothered Mr Hammond or the government.

Liberal Democrats locally will tell you they have been forced into these ‘tough choices’ by Labour’s ‘mis-management’ of the economy. However, they are not telling the truth with bodies like the government’s own Office for Budget Responsibility recognising that the previous governments plans were good enough to meet the challenge posed by Britain’s budget deficit.  The fact that, once again, City of Leeds and Hyde Park & Woodhouse has once again bore the brunt of Lib Dem led-cuts shows just how effective they are as representatives and how committed they are to the local area and City of Leeds specifically.